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Fortress Hohenwerfen

The magnificence, the power, the splendor

A mighty bastion dominating the Salzach River Valley, Hohenwerfen is one of the most magnificent mountain fortifications in the Alps. Over the course of a more than 900-year history, it served a multitude of purposes: as a fortress of the “true faith”, as a prison and the seat of princes, as a police school and a movie set. Virtually all of those uses and developments have left their traces somewhere in the castle. Today, Hohenwerfen is one of the province’s most imposing castles for visitors. The first Austrian Museum of Falconry, the exhibitions and, last but not least, the breathtaking bird-of-prey shows make the castle especially attractive to tourists. Castle tours, festive weekends with all kinds of knightly goings-on, “Mystical Nights”, theatre productions and much more, all add to the marvelous opportunities. The romantic castle backdrop also lends itself wonderfully to weddings and medieval-style banquets. Setting out from Werfen, you can reach the castle on foot in about 15 minutes, or simply leave your car on the parking lot at the foot of the castle and ride up on the funicular.