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The Brennhof is one of the most splendid buildings in the town of Werfen.


Located across from the former courthouse, in 1560 archbishop Michael von Kuenburg acquired the Brennhof, named after the prominent citizen of Golling and Werfen,  Wolfgang Brenner. His successor, archbishop Johann Jakob von Khuen-Belasy, then commissioned an architect to turn it into a building truly befitting an archbishop. In 1925, the town of Werfen acquired the palais and installed the offices of the village hall there.


Since the 1930s, in addition to the village offices in the south wing, the Brennhof has also bene the home of the kindergarten. In 1996, the Brennhof also began to be developed for cultural purposes, with a beautiful vaulted room adapted into an events area. Today, the local elementary school is also located in the north wing.


Inside the historic Brennhof, old vaulted rooms were restored to create an events space that is about 28 meters long and some 10 meters wide, suitable for up to 300 guests. The town sets up the necessary tables and chairs, and takes care of the cleaning. During events, users of the hall are expected to have the WC facilities kept clean, naming one person to assume responsibility. The “Brennhof Gewölbe” can be reserved through Mrs. Hutter at the village hall. A  usage contract has to be signed and a security deposit of € 100 paid in cash before the keys will be handed over. The deposit is returned when the keys are returned and if the Gewölbe has been left in appropriate condition.