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The Sound of Music Trail

Kultur & Sightseeing-Natur und Abenteuer-The Sound
Natur und Abenteuer-The Sound of Music Trial-Werfe
Natur und Abenteuer-The Sound of Music Trial-Werfe

The life of the Trapp family and the filming of the musical “The Sound of Music” are both world famous, and also pivotal points in our history  ...

If you have seen the movie "The Sound of Music", you already know the meadow where Julie Andrews as Maria von Trapp and the children enjoy a picnic together and learn the well-known song “DO-RE-MI”. With magnificent Hohenwerfen Castle in the background. A scene which has been viewed by over one billion people. 50 years after the filming, the town of Werfen has created a kind of hiking monument to the film, building  “The Sound of Music Trail” which leads up to the famous field. With several interactive stations along the way, the path begins in the center of Werfen next to the tourist office. The existing “Kaisersteig”, which runs via Werfen up to the Gschwantanger, has been turned into a fascinating, appealing, yet still very natural theme path. With sturdy shoes on their feet, young and old can complete this easy hike in about an hour. Alongside the route, various scenic lookout points invite you to pause, reflect and enjoy a short break. Once up at the Gschwantanger, hikers are greeted by a specially created photo set-up that lets you take your picture with the playing movie kids and Maria.

“The Sound of Music Trail” is a new opportunity to walk through a piece of Salzburg history, and at the same time discover in this natural setting everything that Salzburger Land, our mountains and alpine pastures, as well as our history have to offer. And that also includes all kinds of dining opportunities: Our local inns, restaurants, bakers, butchers, and also mountain huts guarantee a delectable selection of treats for your taste buds and the energy boost you need for your hike.